How can Financial Planning help?

Here is a nice article explaining how Financial Planning can help and why you should consider going through the process.


New Happy client reviews 




I have had the pleasure of working with Callum for several years now for my estate and retirement planning needs and I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with the exceptional service I received. He is very responsive, and has always made time to review and discuss my portfolio on a regular basis. In addition, he also demonstrated a remarkable combination of professionalism and compassion by guiding me through the financial aspects of divorce while ensuring my financial future remained secure. Going through such a challenging life event requires not only financial expertise but also empathy and support. I highly recommend Callum for anyone seeking a comprehensive and trustworthy financial planner with a great sense of humour!

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Ashton and I can highly recommend Callum. He is endlessly patient and guided us through a very stressful time. We completely trust his advice and know we can call on him to answer all of our questions in a very timely manner. We are learning a great deal about smart money management from him and look forward to working with him for many years to come. He came to us through the recommendation of a close friend of ours and we feel very fortunate to have found him.

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Having the retirement you want requires more than just money

Being physically and mentally fit in retirement is important. I see many people with great plans for retirement and then they can't do it because of preventable health issues. Here is an article discussing the benefits of staying healthy. Article

The biggest downside of retirement that nobody talks about

Having enough money and being physically healthy is important for a great retirement but studies show they aren't the most imprtant pieces.  This article speaks to the most important piece. Article

Are you over 50? Are you feeling ready for retirement?

 Statistics are showing many Canadians over 50 are feeling they won't be able to retire when they want to. It also shows that Canadians over 50 are having trouble saving for retirement. Many of do not have a financial plan and don't understand the Canadian Pension Plan and Old Age security.  If this resonates with you or you want to check to see where you stand, we should talk and see how I can help. The initial consultation is free of fees and judgment. 

Here are two articles talking about retirement readiness or lack of by Canadians:

Just over a third of working Canadians aged 50+ feel on-track to retire

Majority of people planning to retire would continue working longer if they could reduce their hours and stress

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Ask an advisor: RRSP or TFSA? – Canada Life

Find out the reasons to invest in a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) or tax-free savings account (TFSA) and why an advisor should help you decide.



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Description: This animated video introduces a character named Hinata and his advisor with illustrated graphics to show the difference between an RRSP and TFSA.

Text “Ask an advisor” appears. The camera zooms out as the text lands in an outlined square. “RRSP or TFSA?” fades in below. An illustration of a vault draws on the right side of the frame.

Hinata: How do I choose between investing in an RRSP or a TFSA?

Description: Hinata sits in his advisor’s office with a cup of coffee on the desk in front of him. His advisor’s head nods to the right of the frame. A laptop is placed in between them.

Advisor: Well, first off, it depends on several things,

Description: Cut to Hinata and his advisor sitting behind her desk. She leans in and gestures towards the laptop.

Advisor: including your age, income, tax rate, the goal you’re saving for, and how long it’ll be until you need to use the money.

Description: Cut to five squares with icons and text, labelled “Age,” “Income,” “Tax rate,” “Goal” and “Time.”

Advisor: A registered retirement savings plan or RRSP is used to save for retirement.

Description: A pie graph labelled “RRSP” animates into the frame. An illustration of a Muskoka chair appears in the middle of the graph.

Advisor: When you put money into an RRSP, you get a tax receipt that can offset your income taxes.

Description: The advisor’s hand enters the frame and moves a coin into the pie graph. Cut to an illustration of a receipt. The advisor's hand brings the coin over to the receipt.

Advisor: You only pay tax on this money when you withdraw, and in retirement, you generally pay less tax than in your working years.

Description: Cut to line graph showing age from 20 to 90. The line representing income rises until retirement at age 65, then decreases gradually afterwards.

Advisor: A tax-free savings account or TFSA can be used to save for retirement

Description: A pie graph labelled “TFSA” animates into the frame. An illustration of a Muskoka chair appears in the middle of the graph.

Advisor: or any other goal.

Description: The camera zooms out to show two more pie graphs, one with an illustration of a new home, the other with an airplane.

Advisor: When you put money into a TFSA, you don’t get a tax-receipt like with an RRSP.

Description: The graph in the middle of the frame grows larger. The advisor’s hand enters and moves a coin into the pie graph.

Advisor: However, you also don’t pay tax on any increase in value in your TFSA,

Description: The hand pulls the coin out of the pie graph as the camera pans to a line graph representing savings over 15 years.

Advisor: or on money you withdraw from it at any date.

Description: An illustration of a receipt with scissors fades in as the graph drops slightly at the 15-year mark to show a withdrawal. The line graph continues to increase over another 10 years, another drop appears at 25 years, then finishes growing at 35 years.

Advisor: RRSP or TFSA or both? I can help you choose the best option for you.

Description: The camera zooms out of the laptop to return to Hinata and his advisor in her office.

Text “Let’s talk. Contact me today.” appears onscreen with the Canada Life logo and legal line: “Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. 1-204-946-1190.”